VisualThreat has launched VisualThreat Android Sample Exchange Program (VASEP)

June 16, 2014

Conducting latest security research with out-of-date malware testing samples is a nightmare!

In order to create a community-driven public android malware repository that benefits the academia to evaluate real effectiveness of their security research works, VisualThreat is pleased to announce VisualThreat Android Sample Exchange Program (VASEP). VSAEP is an exchange project offering researchers android malware samples, aiming for new industrial-academic exchanging environment in the field of mobile security.

How we are different:

Not only samples, we also offer fine-grained threat details of exchanged samples, such as Mobile Threat APIs, Mobile Threat Certificate (ThreatCert) score, app threat report, and sandbox behavior logs, which will take your mobile security research to a whole new level!
  • More fresh android malware samples than other sample exchange projects;
  • Mobile Threat RESTful APIs with JSON format; For more details, please visit
  • Mobile Threat Certificate (ThreatCert) score; The Mobile ThreatCert is a number between 0 and 100 that represents how risky a mobile app is.
  • The most comprehensive Mobile App Threat Report in the industry;
  • Sandbox behavior logs

How to apply VisualThreat Android Sample Exchange Program (VASEP)?

Download this form, fill it out and send back to us. Your are all set!