VisualThreat will showcase the first auto security firewall at the Symposium on Security for Asia Network 360(SyScan360)

July 01, 2014

Santa Clara, Calif.--July 1st, 2014-- VisualThreat, the leading mobile security vendor on privacy leakage protection, today announced that the company will present at SyScan360 security and show case the first auto security firewall.

VisualThreat's patent-pending firewll will protect attacks targeting smart connected cars, which is the first security firewall hardware in the auto industry.

VisualThreat will present “Hack Your Car and I’ll Drive You Crazy: the Design of Hack-proof CAN-based Automotive System”.

The conference will take place in Beijing from July 16th to 17th, 2014.

At the time of writing, many media reports covered this story.

The SyScan360 is also focusing on the discussion of advanced technology issues, aiming to build a deep and wide-opened communication platform for all the information technology experts around the world. It is an event that gathers internet security elites in various areas, as well as the cutting edge voices and opinions, offering an open opportunity for every participant to join the discussion and to share their knowledge and discovery. Conference website: