Defense:Vehiche OBD2 Over-The-Air Attacks w/VisualThreat

July 30, 2014

Santa Clara, Calif.--July 30st, 2014-- VisualThreat was invited to speak at an Auto Hack Meetup hosted at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA. We had a blast and got very good feedback on the night. Tens of questions popped up in Q&A session, and many people came to our table for our new auto CAN BUS security firewall.

A host of vendors are now offering popular vehiche cloud-connected software and hardware.Loose security puts users at risk of compromised privacy and actual loss of vehicle control.In this talk,speakers from VisualThreat will show how to build the first CAN BUS firewall to defend against OBD auto attacks.

This will include reverse engineering OBD2 and CANBUS,a demo of remotely controlling a vehicle via mobile app (w/o DIY hardware), and presenting research findings on security vulnerabilities of current commercial vehicle-related mobile products.