VisualThreat Presents at ISC 2014 on Mobile App Threat Reputation System

September 24, 2014

Santa Clara, Calif.--September 24th, 2014-- VisualThreat, the leading mobile security vendor on mobile security has presented at the ISC 2014 in front of over 20000 attendees in Beijing.

Current mobile threat landscape is getting worse, and mobile security market cannot be addressed by just porting traditional AV solutions. Mobile App Risk Reputation System is one hot topic of 2014. The talk showcased how to lead a small junior team to implement a cutting-edge mobile app risk reputation system, which support both Android and iOS. With the generic and cross-platform design, the system offers an automatic processing platform especially characterized by the following features: 4-layer threat correlation, privacy leakage detection, static & behavior analysis, and heterogeneous anti-malware engine. Besides, secret sauces such as threat correlation engine and optimizing signature distribution will inspire the audience. The last but not the least, the speaker will also talk about BYOD policy customization, app declarative analysis and app-store category feature-grouping.