VisualThreat Sets Up VisualThreat Auto Cybersecurity Testing Lab to Defend Against Auto Cyber Attacks

February 18, 2015

Santa Clara, Calif.—February 18th, 2015-- VisualThreat, the leading connected-car security vendor has established VisualThreat Auto Cybersecurity Testing Lab, the first comprehensive connected-car security testing lab in the industry to cover TSP cloud service, telematics control unit, OBD dongle and auto mobile app.

The Lab’s Security Testing Matrix contains the following testing categories:

1.Communication security

2.Telematics service

3.Functional security

4.Privacy leakage assessment

5.Intelligent device

6.Auto mobile app security vulnerabilities

7.Comprehensive security testing report

Why the VisualThreat Auto Cybersecurity Testing Lab?

VisualThreat has helped car makers, TSP providers, car sharing companies, OBD dongle manufacturers and mobile app developers to find security vulnerabilities in their products and services. There is a high demand for auto security testing service while designing a new telematics unit, Car OS and telemtaics cloud platform. Instead of focusing on interior device security, such as ECU and gateway, our point of differentiation lies in securing the “edge” between car and its exterior communications, where the most auto cyber attacks came from. More than 60 testing checkpoints will be applied through the testing:

1.Telematics Unit

2.TSP cloud platform

3.OBD dongle

4.Auto mobile app

Call for collaboration:

We are looking for individuals or partners interested in auto security testing processes and methodologies. The participants can use the information as the reference to build up their own testing services.

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