VisualThreat Presents at AutoTech Council’s “IoT Forum: Autonomous Vehicles”

April 08, 2016

Santa Clara, Calif.—April 8th, 2016-- VisualThreat, the leading connected-car cyber security company, attended the "IoT Forum: Autonomous Vehicles" held by Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. The forum aims to connect connected-car companies and individuals by providing network and meetings to bring out new ideas, innovations, and researches. The discussion on Friday involved members from Telecom Council and Autotech Council, mainly discussing about Autonomous cars and representing their products.

In this meeting, VisualThreat proudly demonstrated our cutting-edge solution for the cyber security for vehicles. Because the CAN-bus in a car has no security, most cars can be hacked easily. VisualThreat's end-to-end security solution communicates with the cloud portal to monitor all the activities in the car and automatically detect when a hacker came in. Manually and automatically, the cloud portal could be managed to detect the hack and update the firewall to stop and prevent future car hacking activities.