VisualThreat Establishes Automotive CyberSecurity Testing Center in San Jose

July 01, 2016

San Jose, Calif.— July 1st , 2016-- VisualThreat, the leading connected-car security firm based in California’s Silicon Valley, has announced plans to join forces with ProspectSV to establish the VisualThreat Automotive CyberSecurity Testing Center the ProspectSV Technology Demonstration Center.

VisualThreat works hand-in-hand with automotive industry leaders to provide advanced vehicle cyber security solutions. The new testing center will offer automakers and tier 1 providers pre-production vehicle security testing services.

ProspectSV, an urbantech innovation hub, specializes in actively assisting companies with innovative solutions in advanced transportation, energy and the built environment. Their partners and sponsors include the likes of Wells Fargo, Hyundai Ventures, Cisco, Continental, Denso, Ford, Microsoft, Renesas, Hitachi and more.

VisualThreat will utilize the unique lab facilities for vehicle-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2V/V2I) and intelligent transportation systems at ProspectSV Demonstration Center. ProspectSV provides the perfect place to test the vast array of automotive cyber security tools that VisualThreat brings to bear. ProspectSV offers access to a 23,000-square-foot facility with a state-of-the-art Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) lab. The ITS Lab provides a complete environment for V2X application development and testing. Equipped with a variety of Direct Short Range Communications (DSRC) roadside units and on-board units, the ITS Lab enables compatibility testing across a range of DSRC and other controllers. Additionally, ProspectSV has connections and skills that should aid VisualThreat in various marketing and commercialization services and provide them with access to a broad network of potential partners and sponsors. The union of these two innovators in the fields of vehicle technology should deliver more advanced automotive cybersecurity testing services for the automotive industry and consumers.

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